People Have NO IDEA What’s Coming

Cathy Wood, founder of Ark Invest, discussed Bitcoin’s impact on the monetary base and how it could shape the future of investments during a conversation with Art Laffer, a renowned economist. According to Wood, adding Bitcoin’s market capitalization of over $500 billion to the $8.5 trillion in the monetary base could give a better understanding of the money multiplier and the financial landscape.

Understanding Bitcoin’s Role in the Monetary Base

Wood and Laffer’s discussion focused on how adding Bitcoin to the monetary base could lead to a better understanding of the financial system’s money multiplier effect. The monetary base consists of physical currency, commercial bank reserves, and other monetary assets. Adding Bitcoin to this could give a clearer picture of how the currency and the banking system interact.

Deflation and the Growth of Blockchain

Wood believes that deflationary pressure from monetary policy could lead to a negative impact on the economy. However, the positive side of deflation is a boon to innovation and growth. With the rise of blockchain technology and other innovative platforms such as multi-omic sequencing, robotics, energy storage, and artificial intelligence, Wood predicts that convergence between these fields will lead to tremendous growth opportunities.

Bitcoin as a Safe Haven Asset

Wood emphasizes that Bitcoin is a safe haven asset and an insurance policy. As the global economy remains volatile, investors are seeking a safe haven for their investments. The debasement of currency and money printing has led to higher asset prices, but Bitcoin has proved itself as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven for investors.

The Future of Investments and Bitcoin

Wood predicts that interest rates will continue to drop, leading to high evaluations of risk assets such as cryptocurrencies and innovation. She points out that Bitcoin’s potential as an investment is only increasing, as more people recognize its role as a safe haven asset. As the world transitions towards more digital and decentralized systems, Bitcoin’s growth is inevitable.


In conclusion, Cathy Wood’s conversation with Art Laffer sheds light on Bitcoin’s potential impact on the monetary base and the future of investments. With the rise of innovative technologies such as blockchain and the convergence of different fields, the future is bright for investors who are willing to invest in these assets. As investors seek safe havens for their investments, Bitcoin’s role as an insurance policy and a hedge against inflation has become increasingly clear. With the world transitioning towards a more digital and decentralized system, Bitcoin’s potential for growth is enormous.