How to Rule the World: The BlackRock Masterplan

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager with over $9 trillion in assets under management, has a lot more power and influence than most people realize. They have devised a systematic approach to infiltrate economies, governments and companies to profit enormously while evading public scrutiny. Here’s how they do it:

Step 1: Amass Huge Sums of Money

To gain power and influence around the world, you first need huge amounts of money. The more money you have, the more access it grants you to powerful networks and opportunities.

BlackRock owns shares in virtually every major public company in the world. The key is diversification across many sectors. Even if one investment fails, the others provide stability and continued growth. With broad diversification, they minimize risk while steadily accumulating assets.

Exponential growth is crucial. The more money you make, you can reinvest to acquire even more assets at an accelerating rate. This grants enormous leverage. BlackRock has done this successfully to the point where they now have over 9 trillion dollars under management. That’s more than the annual GDP of any country except the US, China and Japan.

Step 2: Make Yourself Indispensable to Governments

With so much money invested across the economy, BlackRock has unique insights into macroeconomic trends that no one else can match. This inside information is extremely valuable to governments and central banks.

BlackRock’s secretive Financial Markets Advisory division provides economic consulting services to government entities. They conduct risk analyses, asset valuations, stress tests and more. This has made them an indispensable advisor.

They now have an influential presence in practically every major central bank and financial authority worldwide. This grants them access to insider knowledge of policy decisions that will impact markets.

Step 3: Purchase Political Influence

With deep ties in governments, BlackRock is able to easily purchase political influence. Most politicians are dependent on wealthy donors for campaign financing and have relatively low salaries.

A donation of just $500,000, while a small sum for BlackRock, goes a long way in securing favors from politicians. Contribution limits exist, but there are plenty of legal ways to provide value to politicians off the books.

This political influence helps BlackRock secure lucrative government contracts without competition. They can get favorable legislation passed and key information to profit from policy decisions before anyone else.

Step 4: Profit From War

Wars create enormous investment opportunities. With their ties in government, BlackRock can profit immensely from regional conflicts.

They invest heavily in defense contractors who stand to gain from increased military spending during wartime. By knowing which sectors will be impacted by sanctions, military action or supply chain disruptions, they can make trades ahead of the market.

BlackRock’s involvement in Ukraine is the latest example. They will steer investment and aid flows into the country for massive profits during the rebuilding process.

Maintaining Control

Now that all the pieces are in place, BlackRock just needs to continue these practices to secure their dominance. Their returns will continue compounding exponentially. Politicians around the globe will remain dependents.

They will keep themselves out of the public consciousness to avoid scrutiny. Even if more people understood their activities, the masses are unlikely to mobilize against them effectively. This system of power and control will remain intact.

That is how, through money and strategy, BlackRock has built a global empire and amassed unprecedented influence.