How to Make Someone Miss You: The Power of Self-Concept and Connection

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to make someone miss you without even talking to them? The truth is, you don’t need to be in their physical presence or constantly reach out to them to create a strong and potent connection. In fact, the more you try to be around someone or prove your worth to them, the less likely they are to desire you. In this article, we will explore the secret technique that can make someone miss you, crave you, and ultimately strengthen your connection. It all starts with understanding the power of self-concept and raising your own vibration.

Examining Your Self-Concept

Before you can effectively make someone miss you, it’s crucial to examine your own self-concept. How you perceive yourself and your own value plays a significant role in how others perceive and connect with you. Do you feel worthy or unworthy? Magnetic or repulsive? Desired or not cared for? Take a moment to reflect on these questions and gain a deeper understanding of your self-concept.

Raising Your Self-Concept with Mirror Work

To raise your self-concept and create a powerful shift in your connection with someone, the mirror work technique can be immensely helpful. Each morning, after preparing for the day, spend just one minute looking into your own eyes in the mirror. During this time, affirm to yourself that you are worthy, special, desirable, wanted, and magnetic. This simple practice not only affirms your self-worth but also sends a new vibration into the universe, affecting your connection with the specific person you want to miss you.

Shifting Vibrations and Breaking Old Patterns

How you see yourself internally and the vibrations you emit have a profound impact on your connection with others. By practicing mirror work and shifting your self-concept, you break free from the old patterns of neediness, clinginess, and constant thoughts about the other person. This shift in vibration will be felt by the other person, whether they are living in the same house or miles apart. As you raise your own vibration, you begin to glow, and they will feel your light.

The Technique: Sending Powerful Thoughts

Now that you have raised your self-concept and shifted your vibration, it’s time to apply the technique that will make someone miss you. Whenever the person comes to your mind, send them powerful thoughts as if they were right next to you. You can think or say sentences such as “You know you miss me,” “You know you want me,” “You know you crave me,” or “You know I am the one.” Feel the energy behind these thoughts and direct them towards the person you want to create a stronger connection with.

The Significance of 11:11

The universe often communicates with us through signs and synchronicities. The number 11:11 holds particular significance as it represents a new beginning and a fresh start. Every time you encounter the number 11:11, use it as a reminder to send the powerful thoughts to the person you want to miss you. Embrace the idea that a new phase is taking place and that your connection is being strengthened.


Making someone miss you without even talking to them is possible when you understand the power of self-concept and connection. By raising your self-concept through mirror work and shifting your vibration, you can break free from neediness and clinginess, allowing the other person to feel a new and desirable energy. Using the technique of sending powerful thoughts and embracing the significance of 11:11, you create a stronger connection and make yourself irresistibly attractive to them. Remember to have patience, focus on your own growth, and allow them to miss you and chase you. With these practices, you can experience the love and relationships you desire.