18 Signs You Have a High IQ According to Science

Have you ever wondered if your intellect stands out from the crowd? Everyone has moments of self-doubt about their intelligence. However, research shows some key qualities can indicate if your IQ score falls on the higher end of the spectrum.

Keep reading to learn 18 science-backed signs you may be smarter than the average person. Discover what qualities like creativity, self-awareness, empathy and others reveal about the depth of your mental capacities. You may be surprised which everyday behaviors correlate with higher intelligence.

#1 You Underestimate Your Own Intelligence

Intelligent people often downplay their own brilliance. Studies show the smarter people are, the more they overestimate how much they don’t know. It’s the less intelligent who think they know everything.

If you frequently doubt your intellect and believe there’s always more to learn, you likely have above-average intelligence. Smart people recognize the vastness of human knowledge and understand there are still gaps in their own understanding.

#2 You Are Highly Creative

Creativity strongly correlates with high intelligence because it requires seeing things from new angles. The smartest amongst us can think outside the box and solve problems others can’t.

If you regularly propose solutions no one else considered, you likely have above-average intelligence. Strong creative thinkers also have excellent observational skills to notice details others miss.

#3 You Have a Sharp Wit and Sense of Humor

Science links intelligence with humor. Smart people recognize patterns that create amusing absurdities others can’t see.

Studies found the highly intelligent produce funnier, more creative humor compared to the average person. So if everyone thinks you’re the wittiest person in the room, your high IQ may be the reason.

#4 You Were the First Born Child

Research reveals first born children often have higher IQs than their siblings. As the first child, parents devote 100% of their attention to nurturing the eldest child’s mental development.

Younger siblings must share that early nurturing amongst themselves. So if you were first in the birth order, you likely benefited from more nurturing, boosting your intelligence.

#5 You’re a Daydreamer

The smartest people’s minds wander more than average. Their rich inner worlds spawn new ideas the average person can’t conceive.

Rather than being childish, daydreaming helps innovative thinkers arrange novel concepts. So next time your mind drifts into imaginative realms, appreciate your brainpower at work.

#6 You Have High Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence requires understanding nuanced social interactions. Smart people graso subtle emotional cues and multidimensional perspectives better than average folks.

So if you handle charged social situations calmly and recognize underlying motives, you likely have a high IQ. Your brain assimilates complex emotional data at rapid speeds.

#7 You Have Laser-like Focus

Intelligent people dedicate immense focus to their passions. They enter intense flow states where hours can pass without distraction. Such concentration indicates powerful information processing capacities.

So if you block out all distractions when captivated by a project, you may have superior intelligence. Total immersion in tasks shows your brain’s impressive bandwidth.

#8 You’re a Night Owl

Some research proposes night owls possess higher intelligence. However, smart people understand optimal sleep supports cognitive performance. So true night owls align sleep schedules for peak effectiveness.

Many innovative thinkers find creative inspiration strikes in the late hours. If you do your best work at night, channel that drive towards your goals and maintain healthy rest.

#9 You Weigh All Options Before Deciding

Analyzing future outcomes of choices requires strong critical faculties associated with intelligence. Smart people consider many perspectives when making decisions.

So if you research all alternatives before acting, even for small choices, you likely have a high IQ. Weighing consequences thoroughly demonstrates sharp critical thinking capacities.

#10 You Talk to Yourself

Talking to yourself seems strange, but studies link it to higher IQs, self-control and reduced stress. Verbalizing thoughts helps intelligent people organize mental workflows to boost productivity.

If you frequently talk through problems out loud, recognize you utilize an effective cognitive strategy. Vocalizing thoughts leverages your brain’s intelligence to your advantage.

#11 You Always Ask Questions

Curious people have active, expanding minds. Intelligent people recognize the vastness of what they don’t know and ask questions accordingly. Moderately intelligent people assume they grasp concepts fully.

So if you always request detailed explanations and additional insights, you probably have a sharper intellect. Intelligent people know there’s always more to question and discover.

#12 Your Vocabulary Is Advanced

Strong language skills correlate with higher intelligence. Reading expands vocabularies by exposing readers to uncommon words.

If your sophisticated vernacular gives you an eloquent edge, it reflects advantageous mental faculties. So embrace your wordy wisdom as a marker of high cognitive capacity.

#13 You Prefer Being Alone

Despite cultural assumptions, smart people often avoid crowds. Large social gatherings overstimulate brains evolved for inquiry and deep focus.

If you turn down happy hours because you’d rather work independently, recognize your self-directed priorities reflect superior intellect. Intelligent introverts focus energies on enrichment, not superficial socializing.

#14 You Have Artistic Talents

Research reveals artistic pursuits correspond with intelligence. Activities like visual arts, writing or music stimulate neurological development.

So if painting, playing instruments or dance enriches your life, acknowledge your cultural contributions reflect strong cognitive capacities. Brain-boosting arts keep your sharp intellect engaged.

#15 Your Mind Is Open

Intelligent people analyze situations from many angles without clinging to old paradigms. Their flexible cognition integrates fresh viewpoints effortlessly.

If you consider alternate perspectives before forming opinions, congratulate yourself for maintaining an agile, high-IQ mindset. Intellectually cautious people think critically rather than jumping to conclusions.

#16 You Never Stop Learning

Education never ends for the brightest people. They pursue new interests and skills perpetually to keep mentally stimulated.

If you think there’s always more to learn, pat yourself on the back for having the ultimate high-IQ attitude. Perpetual learners leverage their superb brains to maximum advantages.

#17 You Hold Yourself to High Standards

Intelligent people judge themselves harshly when they stray from ambitious goals. Settling for mediocrity displeases minds evolved for high achievement.

So if you self-impose strict codes of conduct, recognize your rigidity reflects an intellect that won’t compromise potentials. Holding oneself to sky-high standards is signature behavior of the gifted.

#18 You Have Remarkable Self Control

Intelligent people strategize goals logically and control impulses that undermine them. They handle emotions maturely despite external triggers.

So if you easily resist temptations and rarely act rashly, acknowledge your mental fortitude. Intelligent self-command prevents you from sabotaging your own designs.

The More Signs You See, the Higher Your IQ

If multiple signs on this list describe your disposition, you likely have superior than average intelligence. The more matched traits you see yourself in, the higher your IQ probably ranks relative to others.

Final Thoughts on Recognizing Your Intelligence

Society often fails recognizing gifts in those who don’t flaunt themselves. But the brilliant don’t need external validation. They pursue innovation because it enriches lives through progress.

So if you see yourself in this article, take pride in your high-functioning brain. Let it guide your contributions to the world through the platforms it equips you to excel within.